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EKL is a Franco-Cambodian NGO that supports access to school,
balanced nutrition and health care for poor children and families
of the Klang Leu Village in Sihanoukville, South Cambodia.




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The association needs volunteers throughout the year.

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Your donations enable the association to function and provide
the necessary support to the Children of Klang Leu. 

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Our Work

Our aspirations are for all children to have access to a better life and a better future. We base this on our four core values: 

  • Education 
  • Health, hygiene and nutrition 
  • Art, sports and recreational activities  
  • Supporting families



Due to restricted finances, many families cannot send their children to school or choose to prematurely remove them from education with the hope of a small additional income through child labour.


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Health, hygiene and nutrition

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutritious diet are essential elements to learning in school to build a brighter future. A sick or hungry child is more unlikely to go to school and won’t follow the necessary routine to be successful academically.

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Arts, sports and activities

Extra-curricular activities are at the heart of our daily program at the day care centre. 

We offer and take part in a wide range of creative activities with the children and young adults. They allow children to express themselves and grow through arts and sports.

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Support for families

By welcoming children and babies to the daycare centre we allow mothers to go to work and bring a second income into the home.

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Our News

Sewing workshop

Sewing workshop

The Day Care Centre plays a key role in making a difference, as well as changing children’s behaviours and attitudes During our workshops “sewing, clothes repair and recycling”, the children bring and repair a damaged or torn piece of clothing. They also learn...

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Back to school

Back to school

The children are very happy to have finally returned to school and to be able to complete their school year. The team is paying special attention to children in grades 9 and 12 who will receive intensive tutoring in the coming weeks in preparation for the end-of-year...

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Not afraid of the dentist !

Not afraid of the dentist !

"Not even afraid" say the kids when they go to the dentist! Under the sharp eye of the team members, all of them continue to take care of their teeth by practicing daily brushing. Thanks to your support the inspection visits to the dentist take place all year round...

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You are cheerful, have an open mind, have an idea for a project to develop in a charitable organization, and wish to live an incredible human experience, come and help us, we need you!

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We always need punctual help in fundraising to support a creative project, an event.

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Your donations allow the association to function and provide the necessary support to all children. You can make a donation online or contact us to send your donations by check.

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Do you want to support us, or have an idea of a project to develop in a charitable structure, and want to live an incredible human experience, come help us!

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