Whether it’s our team in Cambodia or our correspondents and volunteers in Asia and Europe, all offer their energy every day to make actions on the ground a sustainable reality.

The founders


Anne and Jacques Collineau and Catherine Sarton (Anne’s sister) founded and managed the association for 13 years. Anne and Jacques, who arrived in Cambodia in 2005, settled there and lived near the daycare centre and families for nearly 10 years. This not only strengthens ties with children, families and team members, but also soaks up the intricacies of Cambodian culture and history.

Catherine Sarton, from France, took over the presidency of the association and ensured the proper administrative functioning.


Anne Collineau, the charity’s treasurer, has masterfully coordinated field actions and communication.
Jacques Collineau, secretary, was essential in the construction and repair of the houses.

EKL Board Directors


The French association EKL consists of a new team set up in April 2019. The 3 volunteers of this team ensure and support the responsibilities of President, Treasurer and Secretary on the Board of Directors.   


Gwennaëlle Delbard, our president has lived in Asia and has had the opportunity to spend time in Klang Leu; she was able to discover the projects put in place and share the daily life of the team and the children. Gwennaelle now lives in Brest, France and manages the administrative part of the association’s activities.
Florence Massardier, our treasurer, has traveled the world for 20 years and has been living in Singapore for 5 years. She’s actively involved in EKL’s projects; she visits the field several times a year to monitor the progress of projects, the implementation of actions and remotely manages all accounting and financial aspects.

Fabienne Hankard, our secretary, has lived in Singapore for 12 years. She has followed the activity of the association with interest since its inception, and has supported it on a voluntary basis. She is regularly present at the Klang Leu center for long periods to share the daily life of the children and the team. Fabienne manages communication, fundraising actions, and relationships with volunteers.



The NGO and the daycare centre in Cambodia


In the field, our team is entirely Cambodian and consists of 6 employees:

Peanich is responsible for the daycare centre and the management of the team. He provides English lessons, fun and educational activities, football training and transport of children to the medical centre.



Mr Nai, assists the other team members on all their tasks, co-hosts football training with Peanich, and cares for and maintains the vegetable garden with the childrens.


Mom, is responsible for the purchases at the market and prepares a balanced meal every lunch. She also takes care of small injuries. And in between storytimes, morning activities and supervising DIY in English, she happily distributes hugs and kisses to the children.



Samrith, manages social work with families, setting up new projects and relations with local authorities and the administrative work that results from it.


Li-Ya,  takes care of the little ones and the babies. She supervises the children in the learning and the practice of basic hygiene. She encourages and helps the younger children to participate in games, sports and artistic activities.


Mr Bora, our computer science teacher, conducts introductory and practical computer skills and basic program courses five times a week.

Correspondents and Volunteers in Asia and Europe


In Singapore

Valérie Marin has made available her knowledge and expertise to us for the relaunch and makeover of our website. 

Stéphanie Lehembre has reworked our logo and redefined our color palette, important elements for our communication, and our identity. 

The EKL team in Singapore composed of Florence, Magali, Christine M, Christine J, Alexandra, Olga, Stéphanie et Sandrine. They work all year round to organize events and workshops for the benefit of the association.  


 In France and Belgium

Former volunteers who have participated in missions or supported field projects in Cambodia continue to support us through remotely implemented actions to ensure the association’s visibility and fundraising. 

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