Our aspirations are for all children to have access to a better life and a better future. We base this on our four core values:


Due to restricted finances, many families cannot send their children to school or choose to prematurely remove them from education with the hope of a small additional income through child labour.




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Health, hygiene and nutrition

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutritious diet are essential elements to learning in school to build a brighter future.

A sick or hungry child is more unlikely to go to school and won’t follow the necessary routine to be successful academically.


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Arts – Sports – Activities

Extra-curricular activities are at the heart of our daily program at the day care centre.

We offer and take part in a wide range of creative activities with the children and young adults.

They allow children to express themselves and grow through arts and sports.



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Support for families

By welcoming children and babies to the daycare centre we allow mothers to go to work and bring a second income into the home.





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You are smiling, have an open mind, have an idea for a project to develop in a charitable organization, and wish to live an incredible human experience, come and help us, we need you!

Punctual help

We always need punctual help in fundraising to support a creative project, an event.

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Your donations allow the association to function and provide the necessary support to all children. You can make a donation online or contact us to send your donations by check.