Arts,Sports and Activities

Extra-curricular activities are at the heart of our daily program at the daycare centre.

We offer and take part in a wide range of creative (paintings, drawings), cultural (Khmer dances and songs) and sporting activities with the children and young adults.

They allow children to express themselves and grow through arts and sports.

 Sports and football

We offer many recreational activities every day. 

A yoga class was given to the children by a volunteer with young and old expressing a lot of interest in this new activity. 

Three times a week, the children take part in football training with all sports equipment (shoes, shin guards, T-shirts, shorts) provided for them. Each training session consists of a warm-up phase followed by training exercises, then a match between all players.

EKL’s adolescent girls’ team even won the regional championship!

Dances and recreational activities

Mom, our nanny, regularly teaches various Khmer dances and songs.

Cultural education is a highly valued element as seen by our core values.

We encourage children to learn the basics of the English language through games. Other recreational activities are used to develop their social skills as well as experience collaboration, success and failure. These quiet or lively moments allow them to develop different talents and skills.

Our artists, gardeners and DIYers

Children love to express themselves through drawing. We have put various paints, pencils, carving tools, and models at their disposal to develop their creative abilities.

Mr Nai, our gardener, leads daily gardening activities which the children always look forward to. He also offers many DIY activities, such as creating planters to plant vegetables, repairing some of the daycare centre’s materials, building wooden frames to show off their beautiful creations and many more!

Want to help us?

Do you want to support the children of Klang Leu in their extracurricular activities?