Education and Access to school

Due to restricted finances, many families cannot send their children to school or choose to prematurely remove them from education with the hope of a small additional income through child labour.

School materials and uniforms

Over the last 14 years, we have helped more and more children attend school by covering the costs of access to education (uniforms, shoes,school bags and all school materials) and supporting families in very precarious situations.

Currently, 60 children between the ages of 5 and 18 are enrolling for the next academic year. The local school offers 2h30 of classes a day for the younger children and 5h a day for middle and highschoolers. The children then come to the daycare centre for the rest of the day.

Academic support, English and computer courses


At the daycare centre, children benefit from academic support for Khmer and mathematics, and receive English and computer classes. Learning and mastering these skills can enable them to access many professional positions and well-paying jobs in the future.

The Library

Our library offers around a hundred books in Khmer, English and French with regular additions, to the delight of avid readers.



With the support of local partners we set up workshops to address and work on important topics in the lives of children and young adults at the centre. These moments stimulate debate and are good to discuss different point of views.


Workshops with M’lop Tapang

The workshops of the last semester were led by our friends of M’lop Tapang. The themes were:
• children’s rights
• how to protect yourself from inappropriate adult requests and behaviours?
• personal hygiene and specifically hand hygiene.

Want to help us?

Would you like to support the children of Klang Leu in their path towards a better education ?