A healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutritious diet are essential elements to learning in school to build a brighter future.

A sick or hungry child is more unlikely to go to school and won’t follow the necessary routine to be successful academically.

Daily hygiène

We teach children simple habits, such as hand washing and teeth brushing, using workshops in the form of games or exercises that are set up by the team and the volunteers. 

Every child showers in the daycare centre and receives clean clothes. Toothbrushes are provided, to be used on site and also to bring home.

Health for all


Every child is entitled to a minimum of one dental check-up a year, to educate them on the importance of good oral hygiene and prevent expensive dental problems. EKL also covers the cost of any additional care.

If necessary, children are taken to the doctor who will treat them and prescribe the necessary treatments and medications.

Every day after lunch, 90 minutes of rest time are offered to children. During this time, the youngest still in napping age and those in need of sleep have the opportunity to rest and recharge their batteries.



Balanced Diet

In the morning breakfast is provided, followed by a healthy nutritious meal and a snack later on in the day at the daycare centre. 

Every morning, Mom, our nanny goes to the market with 2 children who help her with the groceries and for them to learn how to shop for a balanced meal.

The meal preparation is taken care of by two team members accompanied by the children who have been chosen to help for the day.

These simple tasks allow them to learn the basics of cooking a healthy meal for a large group of hungry children.

Around 30 lunches are served each day at the daycare centre. A meal consists of a base of rice, vegetables and fruit, with one of either meat, fish or eggs. Drinking water is available in sufficient quantities for all children.

The vegetables garden

The daycare centre grows its own vegetables in its vegetable garden, which was set up by Mr Nai. 

After a lot of hard work to get the soil ready to fertilise, Mr. Nai and the children grew a beautiful vegetable garden. This activity allows the children to learn how to fertilize, sow and harvest their own vegetables. 

Corn, beans, cassava, tomatoes, pumpkins, and many more have grown in our garden. The crops are then cooked and used for the daily meals or distributed to families in the village when the daycare centre is fully stocked.

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