Support for families

All team members ensure close relationships with families to quickly identify crisis situations (job loss, forced relocation, flooding, illness, etc.) that can destabilize family balance and put children at risk.

Aid for young mothers

We provide struggling moms with baby clothes and items, and milk powder supplements if needed. Some mothers sometimes come to the centre to rest, have a balanced meal and entrust their baby to the nannies for short periods of time. By welcoming children and babies to the centre, we also allow mothers to go to work and bring a second income into the home.

Housing, food and clothing

The association also looks after the housing of the village’s families (repair or reconstruction of the houses). Food support (rice, vegetables, sugar, oil, etc.) and clothes in good condition are regularly distributed to the children’s parents.

Hygiene, medical and dental care

We ensure that parents and close family members of the children have access to medical and dental care. The team also accompanies the family for follow-up and re-prescription visits. Hygiene products (soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes) are distributed to families several times a year.

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