One-off aid from your country

Raise funds by organising an event

Want to help us? You can organize an event such as an aperitif dinner, birthday party, raffle, sports challenge …

Smart spending

Your online purchases can help support the Children of Klang Leu.


In France, we have partnered with and HA-Solidaire. These browser extensions automatically generate commissions when you go online shopping.

Why use it? It’s entirely free! We simply need you to use these browser extensions while doing your usual online shopping.

They work with more than 2000 online shopping websites including FNAC, Groupon, Auchan, Booking, SNCF, Go Sport, Etam, Conforama…

If you online shop with your computer: simply install the browser extension, choose Klang Leu’s Children as your preferred charity. Once installed, it will run automatically, and you will get a notification as soon as one of your purchases can generate a commission for the charity.

From France, the money collected can be used for tax deduction. The browser extension will generate a summary tax receipt each year.

Want to help us?

Do you want to support the children of Klang Leu? 

Do you have an idea of a project to develop in a charitable structure 
or do you simply want to live an incredible human experience?