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We are always looking for volunteers to strengthen the permanent team in Sihanoukville at our daycare centre.

Volunteers usually stay with us for 1 to 3 months.

They give a hand the local staff by organizing creative and sports activities for children and by participating in awareness-raising activities focusing on education, sports, the environment, health and hygiene.

So if you are cheerful and open-minded, want to develop a project in a charitable structure, and live an incredible human experience? 

Then you’ve reached the right place!

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Testimonials from our latest volunteers :




I shared this experience with a good friend of mine, Eglantine. It was a project anticipated project several months before. Our aim was to promote healthy habits and to bring activities related to the expression of emotions. The experience was incredible, rich in encounters, sharing, smiles and learning Khmer…, a fantastic adventure! The children as well as Mom, Nai, Liya and Peanich welcomed us with open arms from the beginning. They have always been receptive to the proposed activities. We could also see the villagers’ homes… An environment marked by great poverty contrasting with their friendliness and daily generosity. Their carelessness and their joyful view on life are the hallmarks of my time with them. I hope to see them again someday…
Bénédicte - Volunteered in January 2020

Our four-week mission to EKL remains a lasting memory for me. I remember the joy, the laughter and the dynamism of the children in all circumstances. Always energetic and open to all the activities and discoveries that we were able to offer them. We created strong relationships with each of them. I was shocked by the precarious housing and environments in which they grow up. Luckily their innocence allows them to keep their spirits up and above all, to transmit that good energy to us. We left with our hearts full of wonderful memories. I wish a long life to the charity EKL!

Eglantine - Volunteered in January 2020

Elyse: “During my 9 months in Cambodia, I volunteered for two and a half months for EKL with Lauranne. As we are both young children’s educators, we had a whole project planned. There, I met children full of desires, full of life: painting, makeup, English lessons, drawings, puzzles, tooth brushing, meal preparation, reading, dancing, singing, football,… Normal moments for them, but unforgettable for me. Peanich, Mom, Liya and Mr Nay make this centre a place where everyone can feel safe and welcomed in a peaceful family atmosphere. The first meetings with the local families had a profound effect on me. EKL, thank you for making families’ daily lives more beautiful. Thank you for teaching me so much.”


Elyse et Lauranne - Volunteers in 2019

Elyse and Lauranne stayed at the centre for two and half months. Here is a video of their experience:
Augustin’s return to the centre in 2019:

Augustin came to the daycare centre accompanied by his parents and brother. Remember Augustin and his straw hat? “Augustin the Gardener”? It was one of our most beautiful projects with the children, the creation of a vegetable garden! In 2013, Augustin arrived in Klang Leu with his drawings and plans to introduce the children to the cultivation of vegetables. Thanks to Augustin (and those who helped him start on this particularly challenging soil: Leovic and Carine, Mr Reth, Olivier and Darin, Claire, Mathilde and Robin, and the children and their parents), the first vegetable garden was born and has continued to exist despite the multiple relocations of the daycare centre!

A huge thank you to you Augustin for coming back to see the children, it is very moving to see the loyalty of our volunteers whose work is particularly useful, and allows us to always improve the lives of children in the centre.

Augustin - Volunteer in 2013 and 2019

Olga, our favourite yoga instructor 

Since her first visit to the centre in May 2019, Olga has set up 2 daily yoga sessions. Her professionalism and expertise combined with her gentleness and human qualities quickly won over all the children and teenagers. The new yogis were always present at all classes! The children were thrilled during Olga’s second visit in December 2019. That week was put to use to perfect the bases of yoga practiced a few months earlier.

Olga - Volunteer in 2019


During her visit to Klang Leu in December 2019, Sandrine shared the daily lives of children and adolescents. Active on all fronts (birthdays, kitchen chores, showers, games, etc.) she also worked to create and collect images, photos, and drawings made with the children. Her ambition is to publish a book telling the life of a little girl living in Klang Leu. The children of the centre had a preview of the story and were able to choose the names of the different heroes. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the publication of the book and its translation into Khmer within a few months.

Sandrine - Volunteer in 2019

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