The Charity


Les Enfants de Klang Leu (EKL) is a Franco-Cambodian NGO created with the goal of providing access to education, food security, medical and social services to the deprived children of the Klang Leu village and their families. Klang Leu is located in the southern Cambodian province of Sihanoukville.  

Today, the centre can take in around 60 children every day and help 80 families.


Klang Leu is a village with several textile factories and a brewery. Its name, which means “stock (Klang)” and “top (Leu)” comes from its many storage warehouses that would handle shipments arriving from the industrial port of Sihanoukville. 

The daycare centre is located on top of a hill in the outskirts of Sihanoukville. It is behind the local school, and about a 5 minutes walk to the market.

Our Story

In 2006 Anne and Jacques Collineau discovered the conditions of great poverty of the inhabitants of Klang Leu. They decided to help families and children in this village by providing food, essential medical needs and helping to build better and safer homes.

 In 2011, EKL was recognized as a matter of general interest and was granted Association 1901 status.





Since 2008, a daycare centre has been opened on site and since then our work has been extended to providing access to school, school support, and computer and English classes.

Since 2016, the NGO Children of Klang Leu has been registered with the Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Our actions on the ground

The daycare centre now welcomes about 60 children every day, ranging from 18 months to 18 years old. 

Our core actions were quickly supplemented by: 

  • the provision of uniforms and school materials, as well as access to school support 
  • the practice and enhancement of better hygiene 
  • access to a balanced diet at the daycare centre and specific food support for toddlers and babies 
  • the development of a vegetable garden that offers children locally grown fruits and vegetables 
  • support for families and help to live in decent and safe conditions 
  • regular recreational and sports activities 
  • learning to live in a community with the goal of helping each other and respecting others 

Want to help us?

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